Mad Hippie's Top Natural Skin Care Regimen

Mad Hippie’s Top Natural Skin Care Regimen. You should learn more about Mad Hippie if sustainability and simplicity are important to you when it comes to skincare. This brand is serious about effective, natural skincare, despite the lighthearted feeling given off by its color. Bubble-adorned labels and humorous moniker.

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Mad Hippie's Top Natural Skin Care Regimen

Mad Hippie was made by whom?

Sam and Dana Stewart, the creators of Mad Hippie, refer to themselves as “hippies on a mission.” After relocating to Central America as newlyweds and leading an active lifestyle that included swimming and surfing. They saw that spending so much time in the sun was negatively affecting their complexion. They were motivated to develop a basic, all-natural line of skin care products that included antioxidant-rich sunscreen for outdoor activities as well as skin care products that would help moisturize and protect skin all day. Consequently, in 2009, Mad Hippie was born in Austin, Texas. The brand, “minimal routine, maximal results,” is still upheld by the company, which offers straightforward products with few chemicals that address common skin issues including acne, hyperpigmentation, and rough texture.

Why is skin care for Mad Hippies natural?

A complete line of facial skin care products and body and face sunscreens are available at Mad Hippie’s natural skincare store. Petroleum, parabens, phthalates, dyes, and artificial perfumes are all absent from every product. Additionally, the Leaping Bunny Program and PETA have verified them as vegan and cruelty-free.

Mad Hippie also embraces sustainability as a driving philosophy. The firm uses sugarcane bio resin tubes for the packaging of all of its tubed goods, including sunscreen, face cream, and eye cream. These tubes are recyclable and petroleum-free, resulting in a reduced carbon impact. Additionally, the business provides consumers with a free mail-in recycling option for empty product packaging, such as plastic seals and rubber bottle tops, via TerraCycle 카지노사이트.

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