The Reasons for Using Sunscreen Indoors and Daily

The Reasons for Using Sunscreen Indoors and Daily. What first comes to mind when we mention “sun care”? Beach bum tanning? suitcases for summer vacations? We’re here to remind you that sun protection isn’t only for special events in honor of Sun Care Awareness Week.

Yes, even indoors in the UK, people of all skin types and ethnicities should be reaching for their trusty sunscreen! To refresh your memory on sun awareness, comprehend UV rays, and discover ways to shield your skin from sun damage… Continue reading!

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Why do I need to wear sunscreen?

There’s more to using sunscreen than merely avoiding a lobster-like tan after a beach day. Sunlight’s UV rays can harm skin in a variety of ways, ranging from pigmentation and sun spots to deepening scars, premature aging, and all types of skin cancer, including melanoma. As UV exposure accounts for 80% of apparent aging, as demonstrated by a 2013 study, using a daily SPF is essentially an addition to your skincare regimen.

Why should I use sunscreen every day of the year?

While some UV rays are more prevalent throughout the year, others are stronger in the summer and can cause tanning and blistering. One useful strategy to keep in mind the various kinds of UV radiation is to correlate UVA with skin burning and UVB with aging. Our whole selection of sunscreens provides UVA and UVB protection since you must use a broad-spectrum product to shield yourself from UVA and UVB radiation. You may enjoy the year-round benefits of hydration and brightness, along with a plethora of skincare advantages.

But really, sunscreen inside?

That’s accurate! Since UV rays can pass through a window, if you drive, you have probably observed that your tan becomes deeper on the arm closest to the driver-side door of your vehicle. The same is true indoors; even though most UVB rays are blocked by domestic windows, UVA rays can still enter the house and harm your skin. Furthermore, prolonged use of screens and strong fluorescent lights can expose our skin to blue light, exacerbating the effects of UV damage.

The good news is that in addition to providing broad-spectrum UV protection, our Sun Day Facial UV Defence, Sun Stick, and Great Barrier Sun Lotion also provide blue light defense.

In summary

We advise applying an SPF of at least 50 daily to minimize the damaging effects of UV radiation for the best possible protection. Everyone can get skin cancer, even though those with lighter skin tones may be more susceptible, which is why we all must take precautions 카지노사이트.

Remember that using sunscreen every day also significantly lowers the risk of premature aging. Your skin will appreciate you later if you regularly use a broad-spectrum SPF!

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