Upon more reflection, I really love MAC Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil

Upon more reflection, I really love MAC Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil.It’s probably time to throw my arms up in the air, spin around in circles, and sing as loudly as Maria does at the opening of The Sound of Music when I find myself tapping an almost empty plastic bottle upside down against the side of the sink to extract the last few drops of this product, or racing to the mall minutes before it closes to pick up a spare and returning home with not one, but two replacement bottles.

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Okay, so perhaps my rendition of the song doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Maria’s, but this stuff is still really great, in my opinion. even epic.

I hardly ever feel the need to use this mineral-based, oil-free makeup remover with a second cleanser because it works so well at removing stubborn makeup from my face, lips, and eyes.

Like many great relationships, mine began as office pals with MAC Cleanse Off ($30 for a 5-fluid-ounce bottle). Although I loved it and awarded it a B+ in my initial review from last summer, I thought that our goals in life were different. For example, I wanted a makeup remover that wouldn’t interfere with my vision.

We had a strictly platonic relationship for a long, but one night a few months ago, you know how things work, one thing led to another, and now I’m really smitten! One of my favorite items from the MAC collection is now Cleanse Off.

Since then, I have definitely strayed a few times and tried a few other cleansing oils, but none of them performed as quickly or effectively.

Cleanse Off

Cleanse Off quickly and effectively removes even the most stubborn makeup, including stick foundations, waterproof mascaras, gel liners, long-wearing lipsticks, and waterproof mascara. It also doesn’t cause breakouts or leave my skin feeling tight, so I don’t even need to use an additional eye makeup remover after using Cleanse Off 카지노사이트.

Speaking of eyes, the reason I had a problem with MAC Cleanse Off last summer was because it caused my eyes to become cloudy. Since then, though, I’ve picked up a really useful tip: closing my eyes. Of course, Karen!

My eyes still occasionally become blurry when using it, but they soon clear up with a few water splashes.

I’ve also been attempting to stop pulling at my skin as much, so I’ve been putting off using makeup wipes in an effort to prevent or delay wrinkles. My favorite wipes seem to function just as effectively as MAC Cleanse Off Oil, and it does so without pulling. An additional benefit! 

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