The Greatest Body Lotions for the Summer

The Greatest Body Lotions for the Summer. The good news is that you’ve made it through about half of the summer already—it’s the middle of July. You are practically an Olympian, draining liters of perspiration from your body and doing your best to accept the jort. Celebrate! It’s nearly done. Finally, I have some horrible news to share: it’s almost finished. August is the hottest and most humid month of the year, guys. It’s time to review your summer product lineup and replenish for the upcoming few months. Let’s work it out together; the dog days are still to come.

Body lotion is a good place to start the conversation. You need something that is functional but also feels light enough to be an added bonus. Additionally, it must layer nicely into fall, falling into that crucial body lotion window that separates Body Butter from After Sun. Consider it a featherweight heavyweight. Because the landscape is so large, I decided to separate the winners with an awards system:

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Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip.

But didn’t you already know that? Professional surfers and beauty editors alike use it as their go-to moisturizer due to its airy texture and delightful aroma, which is mild enough not to dominate you if, come September, you become tired of coconut. The price tag, however, is the true selling factor. $7, almost all places. It’s less costly than Cetaphil, people.

Vichy Lait-Sérum Ideal Body.

This product’s half-serum (or half-sérum, en français) texture is what makes it so brilliant. It appears to be a typical body lotion with a lot of promises on the outside. (“Ideal Body”—all right) However, the product itself simply absorbs into your body as an emollient oil. For an extra touch of flair, it even adds a dash of shine.

Aromatica Soothing Gel with Damask Rose.

Think of this as a much thicker version of Lait-Sérum, which, like the latter, becomes entirely wet upon contact; much less of a “body lotion” and more of a “translucent body jelly.” It’s the lightest on the list, thus it’s not advised for dry skin. However, those who enjoy roses and have attempted to convert a face mist should definitely try it.

La Roche-Posay Lait de Lipikar. 

One more expat Frenchman. However, what you see here is what you get: a single, excellent body cream that is high in fat. This is the one to get if your skin is extremely dry 카지노사이트.

Body Lotion by Dr. Jart Ceramidin. 

Ceramidin Liquid is a dependable product; if you enjoy it, you’ll also enjoy the Body Lotion. It uses hydrating lipids just like the Lipikar, but its texture is more gel-like than cream-like. It’s truly just a matter of preference.

Korres White Tea Body Milk with Bergamot and Freesia. 

Among Korres’ very good body milk range, white tea/bergamot/freesia is, without a doubt, the best smell—a true bacchanal of fresh perfume. It’s more of a cream than a milk, although it becomes absorbed quickly. Is this what Greek gods smell like?

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